One-Touch Ultra Sit-Stand Workstation


One Touch Ultra Sit-Stand Workstation is electric powered and mounts directly to your existing desk or wall.  Compatible with both PC & Apple iMac® monitors, the One Touch Ultra comes standard with both a lower and upper work-surface and your choice of desk mounting hardware.

Able to hold up to four monitors, the One Touch Ultra blows the competition away with its unique features and outstanding performance.

With the highest range of vertical travel (20″) and the biggest work-surface on the market today, the One Touch Ultra is sure to surpass all of your sit-stand workstation needs.

Enjoy the many benefits of sit-standing throughout your work day, and in no time you will be on your way to a healthier you.

The One Touch Ultra comes standard with the base unit, an electric motor and your choice of desk mounting hardware. 


  • Included:
    • Desktop lower work surface 13”x36” or 17"x36"
    • Upper work surface 13”x36”
    • Electric motor
    • Choice of Desk Mounting: Clamp, Grommet, Flush/Rail, Wall or Slat Wall
  • Total Unit Weight Capacity: Maximum: l00 lbs
  • Max Monitor Sizes:
    • Base Model: any size monitor
    • Single Mounted Model: one monitor of any size
    • Dual Mounted Model: up to two 30″ monitors
    • Triple Mounted Model: up to three 27″ monitors
    • Quad 1×3 Model: up to four 27″ monitors
    • Quad 4 Across Model: up to four 21" monitors
  • Keyboard & Monitor Distance Range: 7"
  • Total Vertical Travel Range: 20”
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA.

Availability: Ships in 10 days.  Does not qualify for the Free Shipping promotion. Fixed shipping charge of $50.00.