Maxum Anti-Fatigue Puzzle Piece Runners


The Smart Step MAXUM Anti-Fatigue Runner is all about Polyurethane: Integral-skin Polyurethane. Smart Step has been molding polyurethane for more than 30 years and developed a mat material to optimize the properties of cushioning, slip resistance and durability. These runners are 5/8" thick, which seems to be the ideal thickness. A thinner mat isn’t as comfortable; a much thicker mat causes the user to feel unstable. Lesser mats wear out quickly, lose their bounce, and must be replaced frequently. Because they don’t provide adequate cushioning, lesser mats are often stacked to improve their comfort underfoot. MAXUM mats are built to last for years, are plenty thick, and don’t lose their bounce.

By using the PuzzlePiece design system, Maxum Runners can be customized to your desired length that accommodates all work areas. Unlike one piece rolled mats, the Maxum Mat is easily dismantled for cleaning and moving. Create your perfect sized anti-fatigue mat or runner by combining left & right sections or left, right & center sections. MAXUM runners use integral-skin polyurethane to solve standing fatigue and walking fatigue problems and have been providing anti-fatigue solutions to workers and  employers for more than 30 years. The MAXUM Industrial Strength Comfort runner was developed for casinos, pharmacies, post offices, warehouses and retail stores struggling to control rising workman’s compensation costs, healthcare costs, and employee turnover. In addition to being incredibly comfortable, MAXUM Anti-Fatigue Runners are slip resistant, wear like iron, and won’t deaden over time. Not all anti-fatigue runners are created equal. In fact, none is equal to this runner. We dare you to try it.


  • Constructed of integral-skin polyurethane
  • One-piece 5/8" SmartTech™ Polyurethane (STP) Technology
  • Flame resistant up to 400 degrees Celsius
  • Unsurpassed Cushioning – won’t deaden over time
  • Wears like Iron - solid outer skin encasing resilient foam core
  • Textured upper provides slip resistance
  • Trip resistant tapered edges
  • Unique floor grip system; anti-skid treads for smooth floors and hook & loop gripper for carpeted surfaces are built into the 2' wide puzzle pieces
  • 100% polyurethane
  • ADA-compliant 20° gradual beveled edge
  • Anti-microbial by design
  • Colors – black and gray, available with safety yellow borders
  • Comprehensive 10 Year Warranty
  • Manufactured in the United States