Confluence 8 Standing Height Conference Table


The Focal Upright Confluence 8 Standing Height Conference Table keeps energy levels up and the good ideas flowing among all ten to twelve people at the session. Try it – you’ll find that upright meetings are shorter, more focused, and more productive. Your time is important, so Confluence 8 is designed to make your meetings matter.

The Confluence 8 Standing Height Conference Table's tabletop effortlessly glides up and down by turning the small handle on the table's frame. A foot rest bar provides extra comfort while standing or using a Focal Mobis or Mogo seat. Created for use by ten to twelve meeting goers, but, if your blueprints and spreadsheets require it, Confluence 8 is a truly spacious standing desk for one. The design is effortlessly sleek, modern agile.

Your meetings are too important to let them become a daydreaming session for half the people there. Confluence, Focal Upright’s adjustable-height conference table, is designed to make meetings matter—keeping energy levels up and ideas flowing.

Companies that have adopted upright meetings are discovering that their sessions are shorter, more focused, and more productive. Upright employees report feeling more engaged and creative. The Confluence Table can be used alone for standing meetings or with one of Focal’s upright seating options. We love pairing the Confluence with the Mobis Seats and Mogo seats to give employees both standing and active leaning options.

Put Confluence in your collaboration space and empower your employees to think on their feet!


  • Confluence 8 is a fully height-adjustable conference designed for medium to large sized teams.
  • Brushed recycled aluminum legs provide a stable and sleek base. The aluminum is extra lightweight, durable, and sustainable.
  • The German hand crank is an elegantly designed mechanism that lifts and lowers the table effortlessly. The crank's simple design empowers you to adjust your own table with ease- no call to facilities necessary.
  • The natural wood top is crafted in North Carolina and is designed to maximize space and minimize meeting time. The Confluence table's sleek shape is more compact than a traditional conference table, giving you more room than ever to collaborate.
  • Ergonomist tested and recommended.
  • Works in conference rooms, huddle rooms, war rooms, renovated cubicles and more.


  • Height Adjustability: 36-48"
  • Weight Rating: 300 lbs.
  • Lifting Ratio: 1:1 - One turn equals 1/8"
  • Materials: American made, furniture-grade hardwood plywood top, powder-coated extruded and cast aluminum, hardened steel
  • Table top made in Rhode Island. Other component parts sourced globally and built in Rhode Island
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Confluence Spec Sheet

Call us for bundled packages  

The Confluence 8 Bundle is the perfect way to inject your team meetings with new energy and fresh ideas. The Bundle 8 is a radical update on the traditional conference room set up. It was designed with you in mind – a smart and savvy team of quick-thinking pros who prefer creativity and efficiency over old school boardroom antics.

The bundle includes 1 Confluence 8 Adjustable Height Table and 10 dynamic Mobis Seats with black cushions. MSRP: $6,624.00 Ergobuyer Price: $5,299 

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